Our Process

Upper East Side Co-Op - Lobby Wood Paneling

Design is a Process.

The process can be broken up into five widely accepted phases: Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration.

In practice, the design process is fluid. Phases can overlap on one project or be separated by periods of inactivity on another project. Below is a phase by phase description of typical design process, with permit submittal milestones added. Smaller projects may not require the services each phase.

  1. Pre-Design

    Specific goals along with opportunities and constraints are established for the overall project. Zoning ordinances and building codes are researched that may influence budgets and design solutions. Most importantly, we work with our Client to define the project program. Learn More

  2. Schematic Design

    The schematic design phase establishes the conceptual design of the project and illustrates the scales and relationships between project components. It is during this process that drawings establish the scale of the building, it's relationships to the site and it's architectural language. Learn More

  3. Planning Submission

    Most communities require or recommend an early review by local officials. At this stage, projects are reviewed for conformance to allowable site uses, setbacks and sightlines, environmental impacts (such as noise, shading, traffic impact or pollution), density and other planning issues. Learn More

  4. Design Development

    The Design Development phase establishes the building’s relationships, forms, size and overall appearance through further development of the floor plans, sections, elevations, material/ energy/ technology analyses, typical construction details, and equipment layouts. Learn More

  5. Construction Documentation

    The Construction Documentation phase sets forth in detail the requirements for construction of the project. Learn More

  6. Building Submission

    At approximately 80%-90% completion, a permit set will be generated for review by relevant building officials. These include the drawings and calculations, energy conformance compliance, specifications and permit review fees. Learn More

  7. Construction Administration

    During the Construction Administration phase, it is typical for us to administer the contract between you and the Contractor. Learn More