Construction Administration Phase


During the Construction Administration phase, it is typical for us to administer the contract between you and the Contractor. This contract is based on our drawings and specifications. As the construction progresses, we act as your representative by observing the progress of construction for conformance with the contract drawings and specifications, . This is achieved by providing clarifications to contract documents, regular meetings and review of material submittals. We also review Contractor’s Requests for Payment to verify they are billing you correctly, and review general construction progress for conformance to budget and schedule.

Typically, we recommend managing weekly site meetings between you and the contractor to review the work and discuss any issues.

When the Contractor is almost finished construction, a “Punch List” is created to direct their work towards completion prior to final payment. Throughout this process we represent your interests to the contractor as defined in contract documents and design intent.

If the project requires LEED Certification, the project document and commissioned during this phase to ensure credits will be awarded. More information about this process can be found on the United States Green Building Council web site.