Planning Department Submissions


Most communities require or recommend an early review by local officials. At this stage, projects are reviewed for conformance to allowable site uses, setbacks and sightlines, environmental impacts (such as noise, shading, traffic impact or pollution), density and other planning issues.

At the scale of the individual project site, this translates to possible lot line adjustments or lot mergers, response to natural or manmade existing site features (like slopes or easements), proposed building height limits, and side, front and rear yard setbacks. 
It is common for communities to have architectural review boards who review building design for conformance to published design guidelines. They may review the building design informally, or as part of a public hearing process.

These agencies are generally not concerned with larger issues of urban density, scale and land use, and not with the finer points of Building Code compliance.

If the project requires LEED Certification, it is recommended to submit the design application during this phase. More information about this process can be found on the United States Green Building Council web site.