Hudson River Jazz

125th Street

Developed concept for a night-time jazz club with day-time cafe on the Hudson River at 125th street. The intention of the project was to cater to walking pedestrians, bilkers and people fishing along the Hudson river during the day. At night time, the cafe would evolve into a cozy jazz music venue with full services. One of the focal points of the design solution was to maximize views of the Hudson river. All of the programatic requirements were achieved by placing the stage between the audience and the Hudson water views to allow a continuous reference of the river. Another interesting component of the design solution was to incorporate a continuous silo-like skylight above the bar which receives its light between the bridge of the west side highway and the bridge of the MTA railroad bridge. This skylight would protrude between the two bridges and could be seen from the west side highway.

  • Location: 125th Street, West Side Highway
  • Construction Costs: Not built