Design Development Phase


The Design Development phase establishes the building’s relationships, forms, size and overall appearance through further development of the floor plans, sections, elevations, material/ energy/ technology analyses, typical construction details, and equipment layouts. Preliminary specifications, which identify major building materials and systems and establish quality standards, are incorporated into the design. Building design is enriched with input from consultants. The structural system is established, as are other building systems such as electrical sources and heating and cooling strategies-particularly if they are of alternate means, such as geothermal heating, passive solar strategies, photovoltaic cells or radiant floor heating.

We can provide research into sustainable products, materials and finishes, and equipment when your project goals call for such initiatives.

Depending on the size and type of the project, it is strongly recommended to select the contractor at this time (or earlier, if possible). Your contractor can provide valuable “Pre-Construction” services such as working with the project team to establish the construction schedule, cost estimating and budget management.